Senior DevOps Engineers


Published: January 5, 2021
Full Time

Job Description

Someone with at least 7 years of experience, preferably coming from a Financial Background so companies like JP Morgan, Chase Bank, Visa, American Express, Any Big credit union, or any big name consulting company like Deloitte. Ideally this candidate will have a Masters Degree as well.

AWS Experience.
Experience working with Databases in AWS (presto, spark, hive, redshift) for VMR deployments
Scripting – bash & python
Deploy, secure, operational BI or machine tools 

1. Aws
2. DevOps in aws – deployments, operations, user support (getting on calls, presentations & walkthroughs)
3. Comm skills – Be the face of the system
4. Scripting – bash & python
5. DB – presto EMR, redshift, hive, spark, “Federation”
6. Deploy, secure, operational BI or machine tools

- Gives you access to finra data lake, run queries over data lake, free from sql type of platform. Expose (structured) data at finra. In cat, open externally to participants.
- Popular platform at finra
- Do more – needs are growing in 2021 – add Bi capabilities, ML, federated queries, ML, security
- Expose data sources
- Incorporate federation – expose data sources in finra
- Now – cater to big groups but grow to a few more who have not been our customers
- We have petabytes of data. Lots (thousands) of tables. Ppl can explore those data sources. Use for evidencing for open cases. See holistic market picture. i.e. new announcements.
- Providing analytics & allowing for the exploration of our data are the purposes of our platform 

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